Many people all over the world find it difficult to pay high energy bills by the due date. The United Kingdom is home to a new loaning system that allows borrowers to apply for loans that are verified within 24 hours. Payday loans are applied for online, without the need to upload or fax legal documents such as bank statements or identification. Paycheque advance are an extremely flexible loaning system. All that is required of the client is an internet connection, a computer and a debit bank account which will allow the loaning company to deposit and withdraw money from the account. To apply for a loan the borrower must be a citizen of the United Kingdom and be above the age of 18. To ensure that the client is able to payback the cash advance it is mandatory that the client be employed with a steady salary.

Apply for instant loans online

To apply for guaranteed payday loans clients must first create an account with a website like CushteeCash that offers online loans. Once the client has registered, the client will be prompted to enter his bank and personal details. Once these details have been entered the client's information will be verified. After verification the client will able to begin the process of applying for an online cash advance. The standard loan size will vary from as low as 75 pounds to 1200 pound. The larger the loan the more stringent the approval process becomes. Individuals with a poor credit record may be declined or asked to submit further details regarding their credit status. An interest fee of 25% will be charged once the loan has been deposited into the client's bank account. This amount is a standard high interest fee that accompanies all loans. This fee will increase if the paycheque advance is not paid by the due date.

Approval is fast

Due dates for instant payday loans can be delayed by applying for extensions via the website. When a cash loan is approved the client will be assigned a lender who will be responsible for contacting the client regarding any changes or notifications regarding the loan. An extension can also be applied for by contacting the lender. With proper reasoning one can persuade a lender to extend the due date to the next payday. Short term loans onlineis one of the most flexible cash lending systems.

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